Kaspersky Lab fears loss of US government contracts

Kaspersky Lab fears the loss of US government contracts because of being linked as a Trojan horse for the Russian government.

According to engadget, the antivirus and internet security software CEO, Eugene Kaspersky, is willing to provide its source code to prove that his security company isn’t for Russian spies.

Eugene is willing to talk to the Associated Press (AP) and would “do anything” to prove that his company is honest.

Despite Eugene denying that Kaspersky Lab has anything to do with the Russian government, executives are convinced that it has a connection with previous cyberattacks.

“I insist that Kaspersky Lab has never caved to those demands, and that the hires are ‘most probably’ sales staff meant to court government deals,” added Kaspersky. “The company network is too segmented for any one employee to abuse it.”

Engadget noted that there’s no evidence that suggests Kaspersky Lab is misbehaving, and that American politicians may still have a hard time believing the company regardless of evidence.

Written by Leah Alger


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