Kaspersky Lab launches educational cyber awareness campaign

Kaspersky Lab has launched a campaign in the Asia Pacific (APAC), to inform and educate the public about internet safety and how to avert common mistakes.

To raise cyber security awareness, the Russian cyber security firm’s campaign ‘Goondus Awards’ is calling out for the public to submit mistakes they have witnessed on the internet, which has led to loss of finance, reputation, property or personal information.

Southeast Asia’s managing director at Kaspersky Lab, Altaf Halde, said to Guiding Tech: “We want to educate people about safer internet behaviours and showcase real world examples of missteps leading to some form of loss or damage.”

Kaspersky Lab added in a recent statement: “With the ease of access to the internet, users have developed a sense of complacency or even a mild form of naivety in their daily digital lives, potentially lending themselves to becoming victims of cyber crime.”

Written by Leah Alger