Kiss testing admin goodbye and recover ten working days a year

As an integral part of the software delivery team, your job has never been more important or challenging. Guardians of your organisation’s reputation and your customers’ software experience, it’s up to your team to ensure that only quality software leaves the door.

Yet on average, you lose 20 minutes a day wrestling with lengthy email trails, sitting in tedious meetings and pulling data from mind-numbing spreadsheets to obtain a consolidated view of project because collaborative data is siloed in your colleagues’ tools.

That’s approximately 10 working days a year wasted.

This can only be accomplished with Tasktop’s Integration Hub, the only turnkey integration platform that connects your end-to-end software value stream, from idea to business result, with no coding. With a click a button, you can synchronise your test management system with hundreds of tools, and thousands of users and projects.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could see all lifecycle artifacts and project activity in your test management tool (or any tool in your software toolchain) automatically and without getting in the way of your real work? Well now you can with Tasktop.

Tasktop’s Integration Hub is the only turnkey integration platform that connects all tools, teams, disciplines and projects into a single unified value stream – from idea to business result – giving you:

  • End-to-end visibility
  • Traceability
  • Governance

over the whole software delivery process so you can optimise your organisation’s quality assurance capabilities and software delivery in general.

Download the below white papers for more information on how to use Tasktop to dramatically improve your organisation’s software delivery capabilities:

Better Decisions, No More Bottlenecks: 5 Metrics For Cross-Lifecycle Software Testing