Lego builds partnership with Chinese tech giant

Lego and the Chinese tech giant Tencent will be partnering to assist Chinese children with licensed videos, games, and other content.

The partnership will include creating Lego videos and branded games on Tencent’s platform, as well as operating on its Lego Boost; a connected robotics kit which was released last year in June.

Together, both companies are also planning to develop the social media networking platform Lego Life, which is available in other countries but not China – as of yet.

Jacob Kragh, general manager of Lego in China, said in a statement: “We have seen more and more Chinese children engage with the world digitally, and the partnership will bring them safe and imaginative digital lego content.”

Lego noted it has had its eye on the Chinese market for a while, saying the country provides “unique opportunity for growth”.

Written by Leah Alger