Libelium releases improved eHealth development platform

Libelium has released a new improved version of its eHealth development platform, MySignals.

Equipped with 17 different sensors, the platform allows real time visualisation of gathered data, with information being stored and sent to MySignals Cloud, which enables different user profiles.

MySignals is the Libelium’s IoT eHealth Platform, similar to a “portable hospital”, but 100 times cheaper than current market solutions.

This innovation integrates in a small suitcase all the sensors and monitoring tools that can be found in an Emergency Observation Room of a Hospital.

With the new MySignals’ version, users can choose from different biometric sensors to measure the most important body parameters, such as: pulse, breath rate, oxygen in blood, temperature, electrocardiogram signals, blood pressure, muscle electromyographic signals, glucose levels, galvanic skin response, lung capacity, snore waves, patient position, airflow and body scale parameters.

Creating a new user experience and allowing the system to run in seconds, the new version of MySignals improves usability and navigation speed through its TFT touchscreen.

David Gascón, Libelium’s CTO, said: “MySignals is the perfect development tool for new medical IoT devices and eHealth cloud services that need to be tested with real biometric values.”

An alarm button has also been included to connect the user with emergency services.

Written from press release by Leah Alger