Making cybersecurity a priority

With the spread of COVId-19 and the quarantine measures, the cybersecurity threats have exponentially increased in industrial enterprises since the beginning of the pandemic. Many of these organizations find themselves at high risk as they were underprepared.

A new report from Claroty stated that cybercriminals used new tactics and strategies. One of the most significant threats to businesses with a remote workforce is the fact that the teams are siloed, including IT and Operational Technology (OT) departments, making their work harder. To enhance their productivity, enterprises tried connecting more OT and IoT devices and accessing their industrial networks remotely. However, they are putting themselves at risk by doing so as it increases their exposure.

It is also reported that these environments are not properly safeguarded as companies did not make cybersecurity a priority. Indeed, cybersecurity is a complex issue and attack vectors are constantly evolving. It is getting harder and harder to have efficient security processes. Some of the most vulnerable sectors targeted are Pharma, oil & gas, electric utilities, manufacturing, and building management systems.

One solution could be for organizations to move to a cloud model with virtual desktops, hence, delivering a seamless experience and protecting more efficiently the data and applications.

Cyber risks are inevitable, and thus, there is an absolute need to make cybersecurity a priority for all organizations. The pandemic only made cybersecurity a more serious matter, giving attackers more opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities in OT to gain access to enterprise networks.