Microsoft to invest US$1 billion into cybersecurity

Microsoft has revealed that they will be continuing to up their cybersecurity game by investing an annual amount of US$1 billion.

The importance of cybersecurity today

The U.S software firm’s Vice President, Bharat Shah, spoke to Reuters at their BlueHat cybersecurity conference in Tel Aviv, stating that the amount being invested into cybersecurity at Microsoft does not include acquisitions.

“As more and more people use cloud, that spending has to go up,” Shah said.

The number of cybersecurity attacks that happen weekly range between 600,000 to 700,000, a huge increase from the 20,000 weekly cyber attacks that would take place two or three years ago, further emphasising the importance of cybersecurity today.

Shah stated that security must rise due to Microsoft’s ever-growing presence in cloud service offerings through its Azure product.


Edited from sources by Jordan Platt.