Mobile app testing solution market CAGR set for 18% increase

Enterprises are always looking for quick updates and bug fixes for their mobile application software. However, every time an application is updated, it is required to undergo thorough testing.

This is because even a small change in the coding of an application may impact the behavior of those functions that are not necessarily in direct connection.

Regression testing validates and confirms the overall performance of an application after updates are introduced to it. Immediate regression testing can be executed with the incorporation of automated testing.

For instance, IBM Corporation focuses on enhancing performance of mobile applications, while reducing the number of test cases with its regression testing services. Enterprises are adopting automated testing to accelerate the time-to-market of their mobile applications.

The global mobile application testing solution market is expected to witness a CAGR of 18.5% during the forecast period (2019-2029) in a report conducted by Future Market Inisghts.

Key Takeaways of Mobile Application Testing Solution Market Study

The automated testing segment is estimated to hold significant market share during the forecast period as the automation testing can save time and cost and also provides reliable results compared to manual testing.

Among all devices, smartphones are estimated to register notable CAGR as the demand is increasing for smartphones to resolve various queries or gather information or find solutions to meet everyday requirements which is resulting in a growing demand for such devices.

Asia Pacific region is witnessing an impressive growth rate in the mobile application testing solution market due to increasing popularity of messaging platforms, new innovative apps and also the IT firms in the region are investing more money to meet increasing customer demands to improve mobile application testing.

m-Commerce Popularity driving the Demand for Rigorous Testing

Usage of m-Commerce distribution channel is estimated to increase with the increasing number of smart mobile device users opting for online wallet and e-Payment features. Developers are offering advanced testing for mobile applications used for the purpose of banking and financial services.

These advanced tested applications ensure data security and eliminate the threats of cyber-attacks and privacy breaches. Such features are estimated to boost the adoption of mobile application testing solutions in the market during the forecast period. For instance, Apple Inc. offers users the option of online payment on Apple Inc.’s phones using its app Apple Pay.

Other service providers are also developing their own online payment apps. As a result, improved testing and debugging processes are required to be performed to ensure enhanced and secure security and privacy of users.