New Accenture and SOASTA alliance

Accenture and SOASTA are forming an alliance to provide faster and more reliable digital performance management solutions to clients. In addition, Accenture has made a minority investment in SOASTA.

Combining Accenture’s capabilities with SOASTA’s tools will allow clients to increase end-to-end performance of their web sites and mobile applications while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

This ability to monitor customer experience in real time can help predict and solve performance problems from virtually any location and on any device around the world. This approach can provide significant business visibility and drive revenue impact, such as in online retail where even momentary latency can result in significant drops in page views, shopping cart abandonment and ultimately sales conversion.

Providing a better customer experience is key to compete in today’s marketplace

“In the hyper-competitive online marketplace where performance is critical and milliseconds can equal millions, providing a better customer experience is the only way to win,” said Tom Lounibos, CEO and Co-Founder, SOASTA. “We’re thrilled to have established an investment and alliance agreement with Accenture, enabling us to provide even more business value to our joint clients by offering actionable intelligence that can help them quickly understand what’s working, what isn’t and what to do next.”

“Businesses are increasingly dependent on software and, therefore, on software performance,” said Kishore Durg, Managing Director and Global Testing Lead for Accenture. “Our alliance with SOASTA provides a step-change improvement in our performance diagnostic and monitoring capabilities, which are critical for today’s digital business. SOASTA is one example of how Accenture is advancing performance engineering and testing by incorporating the latest analytics tools and intelligent automation into our service delivery.”