New AI-based software used to track and monitor cells

A team of scientists at the Nagoya City University in Japan recently developed the first deep-learning software that will help to track cells and extract their signals.

Indeed, this new AI-based versatile software called 3DeeCellTracker can run on a desktop PC and automatically track cells in 3D microscope videos. Hence, the tool will be able to detect cells’ signals from ~100 cells in a moving worm brain, in a zebrafish heart, and ~1,000 cultured cancer cells in 3D microscope videos under laboratory conditions and using cutting-edge microscope systems.

This represents a major achievement in tracking capabilities on various metrics such as the possible number of tracked objects, robustness, and computing requirements, especially as recording and analyzing cells over time has gained in importance but also in difficulty. The AI software can now be used across biology, medical research, and drug development in order to help monitor cell activities.