Nigeria introduces new framework to standardise software testing

A new framework constructed by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) will oversee a countrywide standard for software testing in Nigeria.

The announcement of the framework was made by NITDA at a workshop in Lagos that was held to discuss the standards for software testing in the country.

Nigeria keen to monitor imported software for quality

The software design framework is being referred to as key for the country being able to rid itself of substandard software, and successfully monitor software that is imported in.

During the announcement, Southwest Zonal Director, Mr Olayinka Adejuiba said that a software design framework would not only allow the country to protect its citizens, but it will create new jobs for its people.

He said that software needs to stand the test of time, be functional and correct, since this is an era of cyber security issues and a countrywide standard of testing would allow NITDA to be confident that introduced software would live up to these requirements.

Financial justifications for a testing framework

The Head of Standard, Guideline and Regulations, Mr Lazarus Nikoti has said that the need for a framework for software testing in the country is based on the amount of money that is spent on buying and importing software into Nigeria.

“The framework is to see to it that the software that we have in this country are properly tested so that we can know whether they can run on our existing infrastructure. Government has spent so much money in the process of purchasing software but can’t continue to spend money on something that does not bring result,” he stated.

Due to there not being a regulation already guiding the introduction of new software in Nigeria, Nikoti said that by “creating a culture of software testing will protect our IT industry thereby also creating jobs,” seconding Mr Adejuiba,

Software testing centre set up

NITDA has confirmed that it has set up a software testing centre in order to roll out its framework and begin work on providing software quality assurance.

According to the Acting Director-General of NITDA, Dr. Vincent Olatunji, providing a platform for practitioners in Nigeria in various sectors such as finance, will allow them to certify their software before its implementation or continued use.

Mr Nikoti has said that if software testing in Nigeria is ensured, then the software introduced into the country will be reliable and compatible with their systems, making the new framework value for money, as the software, after testing, will perform the work that it is meant for.

Written by Jordan Platt

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