Nixu supports the cyber fight against economic crime

The construction sector in Sweden has been challenged by undeclared work and tax evasion, which has led to increased insecurity and personal safety risks at workplaces, as well as government tax losses.

As of January 2016, the law requires construction sites in Sweden to register contractors electronically. The aim is to reduce the incidence of undeclared labor and promote fair competition throughout the industry.

ID06 is a company that provides a system that meets the requirements of the Swedish Contractor Registration Act and provides industry-specific equipment. With the introduction of ID06 system, the building sector has made a big step forward in the fight against economic crime. More than 600,000 employees in more than 60,000 companies already carry a personal ID06 card in Sweden.

How to fight against the cyber threats

Sophisticated cyber threats driven by the grey market, pose serious challenges to building sector. Organised crime exploits the latest cyber technology and tries to benefit from ID06 by tricking extra persons in the system in order to gain access to building sites. In addition, criminals try to take advantage of the personal data collected by the system. Thus, ID06 has cybersecurity at the heart of its operations and it is utmost important to keep the ID06 system operational and secure 24/7.

The cooperation agreement between Nixu and ID06 includes the Nixu Cyber Defense Center (CDC) service, which provides capability to spot upcoming sophisticated attacks as well mitigate them with minimal amount of damage and availability loss. With the CDC service, ID06 has access to a scalable defense system that combines the latest cybersecurity technology with the skills of top professionals in the field.

“ID06 collects and processes a significant amount of personal data, which involves particular security risks. In such an environment it is extremely important to ensure high quality cybersecurity and we are very pleased to support ID06 with our Cyber Defense Center services”, says Nixu’s Chief Executive Officer Petri Kairinen.


Edited from press release by Jordan Platt.