North Korean hackers ‘steal cash not secrets’, says report

According to a South Korean government backed report, North Korean hackers are increasingly trying to “steal cash rather than secrets”.

The Financial Security Institute (FSI) claimed that as Pyongyang faces tough nuclear sanctions, cyber criminals are targeting financial institutions.

Suspicious hacking attempts were recently thought to be designed to cause disruption or to access data, although North Korea has denied all accusations.

‘Actors target virtual currency’

Cyberattacks between 2015-2017 were analysed by the FSI, showing that international sanctions were aimed at stopping the flow of money, supporting the development of its weapons programme, according to the BBC.

Cyber security and malware protection company, FireEye, sai in a report: “Actors are targeting virtual currency service providers such as exchanges and brokerage services based in South Korea.

“It is not yet clear how North Korean actors are leveraging virtual currencies, although targeting of these services demonstrates definite interest.”

Russian firm, Kaspersky Lab, also linked North Korea to attacks on Polish banks.

Written by Leah Alger