Optalysys raises US$3.95million to ‘break’ bottlenecks

Optalysys announced the company raised US$3.95million from undisclosed angel investors.

The start-up pioneering the development of light-speed optical coprocessors will use the funds to manufacture the first commercially available high-performance computing (HPC) processor based on its patented optical processing technology.

Nick New, CEO at Optalysys, said: “In many industries today, the demand for faster processing far exceeds the capabilities of conventional computing technology.

“Until now, only large universities and organisations have had the means to use this kind of computing muscle.

“Our aim is to make super computing levels of processing power accessible to a much wider audience of scientists and researchers – which will promote more rapid advancement in such fields as precision medicine and machine learning, whilst addressing some of the fundamental limitations of conventional computing.”

Genomic sequence alignment is the first of many application areas targeted by Optalysys because its coprocessor excels at rapid and accurate pattern recognition and mathematical model generation applications.

Written from press release by Leah Alger