Ottawa crowdsources internet performance testing

The City of Ottawa in Canada has launched an IPT for research purposes and to help their society receive an understanding on internet connections, data policies and future technology investments.

The City of Ottawa has launched an Internet Performance Test (IPT) in partnership with the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). The test was created to find out whether a digital divide exists within Ottawa, and for consumers to learn about digital initiatives, online interactions, rural connectivity, online business attractions, online social benefits and virtual realities such as video conferences and video streaming.

The broadening of smart city technology

Ottawa is known for keeping up-to-date with emerging smart city technology – from smart traffic management tools, asset tracking, LED lighting and smart buildings, to the high-tech sector building smart city applications and leading-edge technology products, which are dependent on a robust internet infrastructure.

“Like many municipalities in Canada and around the world, Ottawa is embracing the ‘smart city’ movement, and is looking for ways to better understand access to Internet service throughout the city,” said Mayor of the City Ottawa, Jim Watson.

“Access to high-speed broadband has become the de facto baseline for nearly every community, let alone a hub for high-tech activity and innovation like Ottawa. In addition, we are hoping the IPT will help us gain a better understanding of the actual level of rural connectivity and determine the extent of the digital divide.”

Edited from press release by Leah Alger