Awards Category Sponsorship Package

CAD $27,050.00

  • Category & Trophy – The category and the trophy will carry the sponsor’s name e.g. *Company Name* – Best Agile Project
  • Sponsor Profile Page – This is a dedicated landing page that includes the sponsor’s logo, the sponsor’s description (up to 300 words), and the sponsor’s contact details.
  • E-shots – All e-shots regarding the awards will contain the sponsor’s logo with link to the sponsor’s profile page. Each e-shot has a reach of over 14,000 IT professionals.
  • Awards Dinner Programme – Sponsor’s profile and contact details will be on the dinner programme (up to 30 words).
  • Branding – The sponsor’s logo will appear on all marketing collateral for the event.
  • Presenting – A representative of your organization will be on stage to present the award that you sponsor – your company logo will appear when this takes place on the screens and your representative will be officially photographed presenting your sponsored award.
  • A Table – Sponsor will receive a Standard Table to seat 10 persons. This is an ideal opportunity to invite clients and reward team members for their hard work.
  • Photography – Unlimited and unrestricted access to all official Awards photography.
  • Entry – Receive five entries into the Awards to distribute to your customers (please note these entries must be used by ‘end user’ organizations).
Category: Awards

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