Additional Sponsorship

VIP Reception Sponsor

2 x Literature racks in VIP area

Branding on VIP entrance pull ups

Name check at opening remarks

2 x pull ups to appear in VIP reception

Increased logo presence on all collateral as VIP Reception sponsor

5 x staff access to VIP area

Table Sponsor

Branded as table sponsor on all collateral

1 x giveaway to be placed at each table setting (sponsor to provide)

1 x giveaway to be placed on poser tables in the main reception area (not VIP)

Increased logo presence on all collateral as Table Sponsor

Slide Show Sponsor

The awards are split in two halves with the main meal of the evening lasting approximately 1.5 hours. A looping slide show of up to 10 minutes can be played on the main screens during this period. This will be played a minimum of 4 times during the meal.

Entrance Pull Up Branding

2 x pull up banners (artwork provided by the sponsor) to be placed in a prominent position at the entrance to the awards

For further information on any of the sponsorship opportunities or to understand more about becoming involved in The North American Software Testing Awards please contact:

Kayum Ahmed
Regional Sales Manager
+44 0203 405 9916