Lina Vaisman

Director, Test Management & QA

I was born in Russia; at my twenties with BA degree in Math & Computer Science I immigrated to Israel, where completed Master degree in Math and Statistics; worked at Insurance Industry for a few years as Business Analyst & Data Analyst & QA Analyst; experienced a lot of opportunities to study, work and travel, built family and developed my professional career.

13 years ago I moved to Toronto and on the years that followed continued working in IT as Sr. QA Analyst, QA Team Lead , QA Manager; so far have 20 combined years of experience in Insurance, Financial , Airspace industries – developing myself in technical, business and leading positions; dealing with different business strategies, continuous improvement of QA processes, data analyzing, designing, testing and enhancing various technology industries trends & applications & products.

My career taught me the core values of integrity, responsibility, quality, service and professional ethics; as well as how to gain maximum success and happiness from the hours you invest in work.

I am optimistic, grateful and balanced; have an enthusiastic frame of mind and always eager to learn, create and grow.

Hobbies: Philosophy, Reading, Music, Yoga & Fitness and Cooking & Nutrition. I speak a few languages and now in the process of learning French.

My strong belief in ‘give and take balance’ leads to my support of a few organizations & charities.

I feel excited to join The Canadian Software Testing & QE Awardsas a judge and hope to make a significant impact to general Canadian Software testing success.