QATestLab: How to make an e-commerce solution sell

According to fast-changing requirements of customers and end-users, QATestLab has developed its business

Analysing the requirements of global markets, the independent provider of software testing services has developed a “special offer”, including QA and testing services for e-commerce products.

The company said the numbers of e-commerce platforms have grown, as well as the market competition between trading software; with “top quality” and “innovative” features ensuring market success, to meet end-users’ “expectations and needs”.

‘Ensuring a well-established workflow’

According to Gartner, Magento is the leading platform for e-commerce solution development in 2017, requiring more expenses on their development and maintenance, as well as quality verification.

Statics provided by Gartner discovered worldwide spendings on development of digital commerce software is expected to reach US$9.4billion by 2020 – in order to recover costs, an e-commerce product should be high quality, and ensure a well-established workflow.

Users expect a solution to support different browsers, and platforms, to be easy-to-use and well protected from attacks of various types. According to Baymard Institute, the average bounce rate for e-commerce solutions is more than 69%, with technical issues among the main reasons.

‘Bringing user shopping experience to a higher level’

QATestLab’s said: “To avoid possible failures, e-commerce solutions require thorough testing – a set of certain testing types assesses the system availability, scalability, security, operability and compatibility.

“Delivery of e-commerce activities to end-users through different mobile devices leads to the development of mobile commerce (m-commerce) direction.

“In terms of massive consumer adoption of different mobile devices, end-users do not want to face any difficulties or mismatches while ordering and making purchases.

To ensure the significant increase of digital commerce revenue, companies should release to the market only top-quality solutions that overpass complex verification.”

Performing Magento testing, as well as m-commerce solution testing, QATestLab assists in customer’s profit boosting by “improving the quality of ready product and bringing user shopping experience to a higher level.”