Ranorex announces Selenium WebDriver integration

Ranorex, a test automation software that supports over 3000 companies worldwide in ensuring the highest quality of their desktop, web and mobile applications, has just announced the integration of Selenium WebDriver in Ranorex 7.0.

A Selenium WebDriver integration unlike any other

“Selenium is not going to be the standard for web test automation – it already is the main tool agile teams work with to ensure early stage automation within their delivery cycle,” said Christoph Preschern, Managing Director and CSO at Ranorex. “At the same time, Selenium is still focusing on automation only and not providing any framework to serve testers, like managing UI elements, test case structuring, test data handling or even reporting,” he continued. “While other testing tools on the market have already opened themselves to triggering Selenium tests, Ranorex is going further, by offering testers the missing link between Selenium automation and managing a test automation project.”

The Selenium WebDriver integration in Ranorex Studio leverages the web test automation benefits of Selenium WebDriver and makes them accessible to the whole team. “With Ranorex, testers cannot only trigger existing Selenium tests often provided by developers, they can even create web tests based on the Selenium WebDriver standard using the Ranorex tools – ready for any browser supporting the WebDriver standard,” so Christoph Preschern. Aside from easy test creation using the powerful Ranorex tools for script-free and code-based test creation, using Ranorex Studio in combination with Selenium WebDriver, teams can now easily address common Selenium pain-points such as object mapping, time-out handling and maintaining web elements.

Plug-in free web testing across all major browsers and operating systems

Selenium WebDriver offers an unparalleled platform and browser support. By using Ranorex 7.0, teams can finally run automated web tests created in Ranorex Studio across all Selenium-supported browsers and operating systems.


Benefits of this Selenium WebDriver integration

Unlike other test automation tools that merely trigger existing Selenium tests, Ranorex integrates Selenium WebDriver on a plug-in level. This enables teams to:

  • Record tests instead of just coding them
  • Easily identify even dynamic UI elements using the Ranorex Spy
  • Minimise maintenance efforts and organize web elements in a central object repository
  • Easily handle synchronization issues
  • Handle data-driven testing, parameterisation and reporting in a single test suite
  • Run Ranorex tests on all Selenium-supported platforms and browsers
  • Trigger existing Selenium tests in the Ranorex environment
  • React to bugs early using the easily understandable XML-based Ranorex report

Are you interested in trying the new Selenium WebDriver integration in Ranorex Studio? Download the free 30-day Ranorex trial

For more information about the Selenium WebDriver integration in Ranorex Studio, please visit: www.ranorex.com/selenium-webdriver-integration


Edited from press release by Cecilia Rehn.