Robots to assist 25% of Dubai’s police force by 2030

A robotic policeman has joined Dubai’s police force, helping collect criminal evidence and identify wanted villains.

The robot will patrol busy areas in Dubai’s city as part of a government programme in order to replace law officers with machinery.

Reporting a crime

If the experiment is a success, Dubai Police have revealed that it aims for 25% of its patrolling force to be unarmed robots by 2030.

Members of the public will be able to communicate and report a crime to the robot by using a touch screen computer embedded in its chest.

The robot designed by PAL Robotics is dressed in Dubai’s police uniform, life-sized, equipped with cameras and facial recognition software, has the ability to shake hands, as well as perform a military salute.

Police database

Currently, it can communicate in English and Arabic, but soon it will have the ability to talk Chinese, Russian, French and Spanish.

It can also identify faces with the police database, flag matches to the headquarters, read vehicle license plates, and its video feed can assist police when on the hunt for potential risks.

Furthermore, the data the robot collects will be shared with not only the police but also traffic and transport authorities.

Written by Leah Alger