Royal Canadian Navy buy up Kognitiv Spark’s AR software

Royal Canadian Navy to use Kognitiv Spark’s Mixed Reality Remote Assistant Support (MIRRAS) system, which leverages artificial intelligence and augmented reality, to improve ship maintenance and repairs on navy vessels.

The new software, developed by Fredericton-based tech start-up, Kognitiv Spark, can be utilised by the Navy’s marine technicians, as well as weapons engineering technicians, to ensure the operational readiness of vehicles for routine training as well as operational deployments.

Rear Admiral Casper Donovan, director general of Future Ship Capability for the Royal Canadian Navy, said: “Innovation and technological advancement are critical to the future of the Royal Canadian Navy. We are continually seeking new ways to leverage emerging technologies in order to enhance our performance alongside and at sea.

“[MIRRAS] is an exciting tool, because it may provide our sailors with the opportunity to explore a new, and potentially much more efficient way of conducting onboard maintenance.”

Kognitiv Spark uses augmented and mixed reality to deliver holographic industrial worker support with interactive 3D content, artificial intelligence, and live IoT data. Kognitiv Spark’s RemoteSpark platform is a holographic worker support solution that uses the power of Mixed/Augmented Reality for workplace remote support.

Duncan McSporran, a former military officer and co-founder and COO of Kognitiv Spark, said: “3D interactive content is more easily interpreted than paper manuals, and therefore reduces any mental fatigue the soldiers, sailors or air force personnel might be facing under harsh and stressful conditions.

“Our software allows them to make better-informed decisions more rapidly, with all the information and resources possible in a secure system.”