Russia’s Sber to hold an international AI contest for children

Russia’s Sber, usually known as Sberbank, has recently launched an international artificial intelligence (AI) contest for children and young people in collaboration with members of the Artificial Intelligence Alliance.

The contest seeks to familiarize children with AI as well as engage and support talent worldwide. The contest features 10 categories, including the analysis of earth sensing data, edtech, security, finance, robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, and medicine.

The project also aims to continue Sber’s activities in developing AI tech in Russia and popularising AI to a wider audience. This will give new opportunities to children and young people all over the world all the while creating a new AI community.

The company believes that the demand for AI talents will only grow and so, offering programs for children will give them proper training and foundations to build their future.

The bank uses AI in almost all of its processes and products and seeks to develop it even further. Sber also encourages the introduction of AI technology to future customers and employees at an early age.

The contest will start from February 15 and will run until late 2021, where the contestants will be able to travel to Moscow for the final task. The tasks will follow COVID-19 protocols and regulations.