Smart tech is revolutionising retail

Smart technology is making convenient shopping too easy, and retailers should be aware of the changes, according to Fastlane’s Head of Consumer Research, David Jinks.

With Apple watch sales doubling since last year, Amazon Echo having a £7 billion market, and the new Google Home expected to grow to US$7 billion by 2020, voice command interfaces, such as the Amazon Echo, has made voice command a popular way to shop online.

Voice commands makes shopping easier

“Voice shopping has made smart speakers indispensable. Echo users are already well used to asking Alexa to order dog food through Amazon Prime. This is obviously good news for Amazon, but bad news for other sellers,” says Jinks.

A lot of retailers buy, sell and do their shipping with these new technologies, but haven’t produced sites that can be used on smart technology yet.

Retailers require mobile websites

“Many retailers haven’t even produced responsive sites that work with mobile phones. Smart tech could hit many retailers where it really smarts,” Jinks adds.

“Online specialists and larger retailers are going to hoover up sales from stores that don’t have apps, or appear on third party ones.”

Edited from press release by Leah Alger