Socialbakers recognized as the ‘Most Popular Social Media Management Software’

The social media management company Socialbakers has recently been recognized as the “Most Popular Software in Social Media Management for Q1 2021″ by SaaSworthy.

According to SaaSworthy’s ranking system, the company earned a 92% SW score, which made it gain the top place among leading social media management SaaS products.

The company declared that they are proud to be recognized as an industry leader for their technology’s popularity and they are thrilled to see their social media management solution rise to the top in such a highly competitive software category.

According to SaaSworthy, the SW Score is based on a variety of parameters that relies on the ‘wisdom of the crowds’, which gives valuable insight into how effective software is. SaaSworthy also highlights that the score is unbiased and proves the software’s “SaaS-worthiness.”

Socialbakers has already been recognized as one of the most popular social media management platforms in 2019 and as one of the fastest-growing software in the social media marketing category.