Software development and analytics skills most in-demand in the IT industry

A new study by PostBeyond revealed that employers are now mostly looking for people with software development and analytics skills.


The researchers studied 1.000 jobs ads within the development, digital marketing, and social media sector to gather these findings. They thus discovered that the most in-demand skills were in managing analytics as well as operating and communicating through Facebook. Employers were also searching for people with experience with Agile and Java.


This study seeks to help applicants in their search by letting them know what skills they need to have or get in order to find a job.


The report thus shows that analytics is one of the most important skills to have with more than 37% of advertisements. Similarly, it was found out that development is the most skilled sector in the industry, as almost half of the ads required a skill. Following closely is having a good knowledge and understanding of Facebook in order to communicate with clients and being familiar with Agile.


Knowing how to use Facebook is increasingly more important in the industry as it can help post updates as well as reaching out to customers and audiences and getting data analysis about user interactions.


Moreover, it was stated that 44% of the posts analyzed required developer skills related to Java, APIs, Linux, Scrum, and Python. Among other sought-after skills, there are those related to SEO, JavaScript, APIs, SQL, Python, AWS, and good use of social media sites.


Yet, a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that the proportion of jobs in the IT industry has decreased after June 2020 with a 4.6% unemployment rate in the sector. It is likely that there will be almost 79,000 fewer jobs in the industry than there were in 2019.


Unfortunately, it is possible that employment will not rise again until hallway through 2021 due to a number of companies having to close down or reducing their staff.