Software quality a priority for Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is Australia’s fifth-largest bank, with 520 branches serving more than 1.6 million customers, and more than AUS$68.6 billion in assets under management and market capitalisation of around AUS $4.839 billion.

The bank has the vision of being Australia’s most customer-connected bank and is leveraging technology as a key differentiator in a highly competitive market.

As it explored options to reduce its manual testing overhead, improve the time-to-market of its mobile channels and increase service assurance, the bank determined that the scenario was well-suited to the eggPlant product range of test automation tools provided by TestPlant.

Reducing the manual testing bottlenecks

“We needed to reduce the bottlenecks caused by manual testing, especially for our mobile applications, which are increasingly challenging due to diversity of devices, the number of regression tests required, and frequent upgrades,” said Kevin Dole, Head of Technology Services, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

“As a technology and platform agnostic solution, eggPlant Functional was a great fit for this project,” Dole added.

Testing the bank’s mobile applications and web-based systems

TestPlant worked with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank to deliver a solution that incorporates eggPlant Functional as the core test automation tool, supported by eggCloud for device management and eggIntegration to facilitate integration with HP’s ALM system. The solution addresses testing requirements across both the bank’s mobile applications and web-based systems.

Since implementation of the eggPlant-based solution, the bank has experienced significant improvements in several key areas:

  • Quality: 30% increase in functional defects identified.
  • Productivity: 80% reduction in effort compared to manual testing (110 hours reduced to 22 hours).
  • Time-to-market: 60% reduction in regression testing windows (13 days reduced to 4 days).

“The results achieved using eggPlant have been impressive,” said Dole. “Not only has the solution addressed our existing requirements, but it lays a foundation for the future and underlies our strong commitment to delivering a positive experience for our customers.”

Following the success of the project, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is now planning to embed the eggPlant platform for ongoing projects across the organisation.

Digital transformation in financial services is the future

“Digital transformation in financial services is a key market for our disruptive mobile testing solutions, and we are delighted eggPlant has quickly delivered such great results for the bank,” said George Mackintosh, TestPlant CEO.

The project was delivered in collaboration with TCS.

“As one of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s strategic IT Partners, TCS, in collaboration with its Co-Innovation Network (COIN™) affiliate TestPlant, is pleased to have delivered outstanding results for the bank’s digital initiative,” said Jayashree Natarajan, TCS Global Head of Assurance Services. “This engagement has clearly demonstrated the importance of first-time-right assurance for digital success, and its critical role in delivering exponential value for our customers.”

Edited from press release by Cecilia Rehn.