Sparkol launches video creator VideoScribe 3

 Sparkol has introduced VideoScribe Version 3 to create engaging explainer videos.

The intuitive software is already used by over two million people, including: HP, BBC, Sky and the University of British Columbia; businesses across every sector; leading education providers; award-winning teachers, charities; campaigners and individuals.

VideoScribe aims to “help organisations stand out, simplify customer services processes, empower corporate HR communications, L&D programmes and sales.”

The software’s features include:

  • An improved user experience and slick UI – animate easier than ever before
  • Enhanced search – find exactly the image you need in record time
  • Intelligent image recommendations – focus your creativity on your video instead
  • Smoother performance – maximum productivity when using the software

Research conducted by psychology professor Dr Richard Wiseman found that information presented through explainer videos increased information retention by an average of 15%.

Written from press release by Leah Alger