SQS’s VA-Q integrates virtual assistants

SQS launched its latest solution called VA-Q, for businesses wanting to better integrate voice-controlled virtual assistants into their services and products.

Without the need for time-consuming human intervention, the leading end-to-end quality service providers technological solution supports its clients, giving them the ability to seamlessly maintain and test the functionality of virtual assistants.

Clients will have the ability to embed continuous quality into testing, integrating and delivering voice-controlled virtual assistants, whilst combining machine-based learning and artificial intelligence capabilities with SQS’s innovative iMS 2.0 global delivery model.

According to SQS research, more than 50% of the UK public do not feel that voice assisted banking and software, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, positively affect their lives, with 6% believing it has a negative impact.

Diederik Vos, CEO of SQS, said: “We have seen first-hand the growing need for our clients to integrate virtual assistants into their products and services. For many organisations, voice controlled personal assistants are a point of difference that will have a genuinely positive impact on business and customer experience – but customers should be able to expect quality.

“The integration of leading edge technology has become ever more important in all areas of manufacturing. Our new solution will give our clients, and their customers, the confidence that the technology they are using is quality assured, reliable and will deliver the desired user experience.”

SQS’s new solution also allows businesses to check every aspect of voice controlled virtual assistants without the need for time consuming, inefficient human analysis of each command, in every language.

Written by Leah Alger