Study reveals how enterprises have adapted to digital transformation challenges

A recent study by SAP and IDG found out that many enterprises are looking to decelerate digital transformations after the pandemic.

Indeed, it was reported that around 76% of businesses were already on the way to reach their digital transformation goals even before the pandemic started. These enterprises had already begun to migrate their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud.

On the other, many companies have taken the decision to wait until they were more widely proven before adopting these new technologies.

Around 74% of respondents declared to have invested in new digital services and platforms while 61% embraced co-location services. The study also noted that small organizations were far more likely to migrate to a co-location provider. Besides, 50% of respondents said to be outsourcing skills and capabilities to managed service providers, while 47% decided to hire additional full-time, temporary or consulting IT resources.

The pandemic forced many companies with inflexible infrastructure to adapt quickly to survive. In order to do so, they had to blend strategic technology upgrades with short-term. Yet, these fixes are not permanent solutions and will need to be replaced in time.

Moreover, the study stated that some of the biggest areas of tech investment were in data analytics, customer experience offerings, customer experience technology, multi-cloud, SaaS migrations, and business process management/workflow automation.