Study finds frequent app users have higher levels of productivity

AppDynamics today released new findings from its research study which explored the expectations and frustrations people have with different app-based services.

The study found that, while exceptional performance is generally valued for apps across all industry sectors, the types of frustrations experienced vary by the type of service being consumed.

The research looked at app productivity and found that those that use apps frequently have higher levels of productivity, with more than a third of respondents stating that their personal and professional productivity had increased because of apps.

Digital services

Similarly, more than 80% of frequent app users stated that they felt stress had been taken out of daily life by digital services.

The survey also found that app developers are under increasing pressure, not only to creating code but to focus on ensuring users are engaged and stay loyal.

John Rakowski, Director of Technology Strategy at AppDynamics, said: “The business insight from this research can be applied in a number of ways.

User experience

“For instance, from what we have seen working with enterprise customers and judging from the frustrations above, e-commerce and banking apps should focus on improving app performance and responsiveness rates.

“Travel apps should look to condense the number of notifications, while fitness and betting apps should consider more frequent updates to allow for better personalisation and functionality.”

The survey also found that real-time application performance and business-centric data and analytics is at its heart of creating rich user experiences while driving commercial needs.

Written by Leah Alger