Technology set to soar as digital needs take flight

Airports are expected to fully embrace more advanced analytics solutions in the coming years, with potential applications for use across several key areas within the airport ecosystem, according to recent research from Unisys Corporation.

The use of analytics

Unisys conducted a survey of 29 airport executives and industry professionals at the Airports Council International – North America Annual Conference and General Assembly held in Montreal, September 25-28, 2016.

The majority of those surveyed (59%) said that they planned to invest in advanced analytics solutions in the next five years. Of those surveyed, only 3% said they have no plans to invest in analytics at all, and less than a third (31%) said they were currently using advanced analytics tools today.

Applying analytics solutions

Respondents were most interested in applying advanced analytics solutions across a wide range of important airport operations and passenger offerings, including passenger flow (27%); airport operations and asset tracking (22%); geolocation and wayfinding through the airport (22%); and passenger shopping and retail habits (15%).

The biggest hurdles to overcome

When asked about the biggest hurdles facing the implementation of an advanced analytics solution, 27% of respondents cited compatibility with current airport systems as the top concern, while lack of budget (24%), insufficient resources (18%) and security/privacy concerns (18%) rounded out the other top concerns.

“This survey makes it clear that airports today realise how critical digital transformation is in order to stay competitive and achieve success in the future,” said Dheeraj Kohli, Vice President and Global Head of Travel and Transportation for Unisys.


Edited from press release by Jordan Platt.