Tesla removes radar sensors on its EV models, losing NHTSA safety recognition

It was recently announced that Tesla was going to remove radar sensors from its North American market Model 3 and Model Y EVs.

Indeed, it was reported that following this decision, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) removed some safety designations for autonomous vehicles developed after April 27. Hence, these vehicles do not provide checkmarks for collision warning, lane departure warning, crash imminent braking, and dynamic brake support.

Therefore, the NHTSA declared that these electric vehicles are no longer safe and will have to retest them in order to see if they can get the checkmark again.

This then shows that removing radar systems to replace them solely with a camera-based active system is not enough and could put the passengers at great risk. Tesla seems to think this is enough to make the systems work but the NHTSA will first have to validate it before it can go any further.