Testim expands AI-based testing to developers 

A forerunner in codeless AI-based software testing has announced a way for developers to create resilient tests directly in code at speed.

Testim has launched the TestimDevelopment Kit, which builds on the current AI testing capabilities that allow testers to have a higher level of autonomy over writing code and gives them more leeway to collaborate freely.

“[The kit] builds on our commitment to make testing more collaborative and open as possible so that teams can deliver quality software faster. Customer feedback has already been exceptional and we’re eager to deliver this Dev Kit to market.” Oren Rubin, founder and CEO of Testim.

Why the kit is important

Testim felt the need to create the kit in response to the ‘everything-as-code’ concept that development teams are starting to work around. It was built with the software development lifecycle in mind.

Ran Mizrachi, senior software engineering lead at Microsoft says, “The Dev Kit will give our team the speed and stability of AI-based codeless tests with the flexibility of code.”

The influence of shift left

Shift left testing has also had a big impact on the development lifecycle in the way that testers are moving forward due to them being able to test earlier and quicker.

“The addition of the Development Kit makes Testim the only company to provide developers and QA automation engineers with the complete freedom to work the way they want—in code, in the UI, or some combination of the two,” said Shawn Jaques, director of Product Marketing.

“The flexibility this new feature provides has the potential to transform the way development teams test applications, allowing more people to be involved in testing, whether recording codeless tests or writing tests as code in the tools they already know and love,” Jaques added.




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