Tools to build your success at The National Software Testing Conference

Returning for the third year, with an exceptional line-up of speakers including heads of testing, directors of QA and industry specialists, The National Software Testing Conference will take place on the 17-18 May 2016. 

Building individual success – tools for testing managers

Rod Armstrong, Programme Quality Manager at easyJet, will be one of this year’s speakers at the upcoming conference. He will be presenting on: “Where do you want to go next? A few ideas on how to get there.”

“I’m going to talk about how you go about achieving what you want,” says Armstrong.

On being successful, Armstrong says, “You have to put in effort and you have to form good habits.” The presentation will expand on this and delve into why individuals become successful and the tools they implement to ensure their success, along with how you can implement them to become successful yourself.

Key takeaways from the presentation

The presentation will contain tools and examples that attendees will leave with at their disposal, and the encouragement to use these tools in order to achieve the life they desire.

Armstrong says the tools that he’ll be providing attendees are “very straight-forward, but they are very difficult habits to form, but once you form them they will help you achieve great things.”

When asked about what makes a person successful Armstrong explained, “people who achieve great things are like a duck above the water, they look completely serene, but below are paddling away, and that’s what gives them traction.”

National Software Testing Conference Armstrong
Rod Armstrong, Programme Quality Manager at easyJet will be speaking on the topic: Where do you want to go next? A few ideas on how to get there at The National Software Testing Conference, 17-18 May 2016.

Why attend The National Software Testing Conference?

The National Software Testing Conference provides an ideal environment for learning, networking and developing skills.

Armstrong states that it’s important for individuals working within the industry to attend conferences such as this as “it’s an opportunity to network, meet new people at your level and above and come away feeling inspired.”

He adds “you get to see challenges organisations are facing that are quite common across a lot of different sectors, but by coming together you get to learn how other people tackle these challenges which may be applicable to your own organisation.”

The European Software Testing Awards 2016 returns

Now in its fourth year, entries for The European Software Testing Awards, which celebrates companies and individuals who have accomplished significant achievements in the software testing and quality assurance market, are now open. 

As a judge during The European Software Testing Awards 2015, Armstrong firmly believes in participating, as “it’s a great accolade for your organisation.”

“The standard was very high [in 2015] and it’s a great opportunity to show off the success stories,” he concludes.

Entries need to be submitted by the 15th of July 2016, and the winners will be announced at the Gala Dinner on Wednesday 16 November 2016.


Written by Jordan Platt.