Tricentis reveals first JIRA testing tool

Tricentis has released its first exploratory testing tool for Atlassian JIRA’s testing industries, enabling agile teams to keep pace with accelerated release cycles and for faster feedback on quality matters.

Focusing on quality, testing times and resources, the software testing company will help agile teams reliably deliver comprehensive feedback on applications under test, whilst providing a flexible pace with constant change.

Allowing testers to focus on testing without the worry of documentation, exploratory testing can save 80-90% of issues through test actions being captured automatically via videos and screenshots; helping developers understand the tester’s perceptive.

The issues then become uncovered and addressed properly through session owners who rapidly detect and reproduce its information through system information and by using specific test steps.

Wolfgang Platz, Founder and Chief Product Officer of Tricentis’ said: “In response to the rising demand for new and innovative software, development teams shifted their software development processes to become more agile and iterative.

“This means that there must also be a fundamental change in the way we test software. We have found that exploratory testing is vital for accelerating test cycles and keeping pace with release expectations.”

“Our primary goal with this JIRA add-on was to elevate exploratory testing to the enterprise level, helping organisations extend their exploratory-testing best practices and tooling across cross-functional teams and marry them with their preferred issue or project management environment,” added Ingo Philipp, Tricentis Product Manager.

Written by Leah Alger