UK government to review law before driverless cars take over UK roads

The government has been told that it must review the law before self-driving cars take over UK roads.

The new three-year review is being conducted by the Law Commission of England and Wales, and the Scottish Law Commission, in case some of the forms of transport implement criminal offenses.

The law will study what adjustments need to be made, with the focus on self-driving vehicles not having a person at the wheel, or no wheel at all.

‘Driving technology is advancing’

Despite this, the chancellor, Philip Hammond, has promised driverless cars on the road by 2021.

The roads minister, Jesse Norman, said to The Guardian: “Driving technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate.

“It is important that our laws and regulations keep pace so that the UK can remain one of the world leaders in this field.”

Other issues to be examined by the review include the impact of other road users, ensuring they are protected from risks, as well as determining who will be responsible for the self-driving vehicle if an issue occurs.

Written by Leah Alger