UK software firm announces software testing internship

A UK software firm is expanding its paid internship programme to offer students the opportunity to sample a career in software testing.

Scott Logic’s internship programme, which gives hopefuls a placement of around 12 weeks in its offices in Edinburgh, Bristol and Newcastle upon Tyne respectively, has so far focused on software development. But for the first time in 2016, the firm, which specialises in providing software solutions to the global financial sector and other industries, is to offer a dedicated software testing internship.

Software testing is critical to development

Daniel McNamee is a Lead Test Engineer at Scott Logic’s Newcastle office, where the new placement will be offered. He said: “Testing is an important part of software development. It’s great to be able to offer an internship for testing so that potential graduates are able to see this first hand whilst studying.

“We can dispel some myths about testing and the interns can learn more about a rewarding and exciting role that is unfairly not often considered a career choice in its own right.”

The news comes after Daniel authored a blog post intended to clarify that the role of a software tester is hugely valuable, both in terms of the duties performed and the career it offers the individuals who take it up.

“In software development, testing is quite honestly one of the most exciting and rewarding roles, providing you are in the right place,” Daniel said in the blog.

Internships are a vital part of hiring schemes

Scott Logic’s Recruitment Strategy Manager Michelle Minnikin commented the internship programme is important as the company continues to recruit for the future and diversify its client base.

“The programme acts as a structured stepping stone into a graduate role, as our experienced mentors supervise participants in completing challenging but extremely rewarding projects,” Minnikin said.

How future software testers can apply

The internship is intended for those in their penultimate year at university. Potential software testers should enjoy problem solving and pay excellent attention to detail, as well as have the ability to adapt to and learn new technologies on the job. Candidates, who would take up their placement this summer if successful, can apply for the role on the Scott Logic website, or via email


Edited from press release by Cecilia Rehn.