The University of South Florida deploys case management app

Appian today announced that the University of South Florida (USF) has deployed its latest application called Archivum Insights.

The new application is a case management solution uniting student support, which includes academic advisors, career counselors, financial advisors, mental health professionals, residential life coordinators, and college librarians.

Archivum Insights is designed to target students deemed “at risk” of academic or financial issues.

In 17 months, Archivum has delivered:

  • Transformation of 8 major business units across the University
  • Cost reductions and operational efficiency gains projected to save US$2.3million over three years
  • Reduction of process cycle times from 2 weeks to 2 days
  • Elimination of paper forms, replaced by anytime/anywhere mobile access to data and processes.

Paul Dosal, vice president for Student Affairs and Student Success at the University of South Florida, said: “We are applying healthcare techniques to student success: diagnose, triage, and provide timely intervention.

“The next phase will be to apply this same approach to the student body – not just those at-risk – to optimise the USF experience for all 50,000 students.

“The partnership with Appian has provided USF with a powerful tool that will allow us to scale our outreach.”

Written from press release by Leah Alger