US government accuses Kaspersky of being a ‘Russian stooge’

The US government has claimed that Kaspersky Lab is a “Russian stooge” that can’t be trusted with protecting America’s critical infrastructure.

Kaspersky Lab denies these claims with its CEO, Eugene Kaspersky, offering its source code in a bid to clear his firm’s negative reputation.

The FBI has been meeting with US firms to warn them of the threats posed, convincing them to remove Kaspersky Lab’s tools for their systems, according to officials that spoke to CyberScoop, a public media sector company.

According to Neowin, Kaspersky Lab is filled with employees who used to work in Russian intelligence agencies or with people that are close with those agencies or similar, and Russian laws are too vague and broad, allowing significant manipulation and access by Russian intelligence agencies into the working of companies based in Russia.

A Kaspersky Lab spokesman told “The company simply wants the opportunity to answer any questions and assist all concerned government organisations with any investigations.

“Kaspersky Lab ardently believes a deeper examination of the company will confirm that these allegations are completely unfounded.”

Kaspersky Lab also noted in a statement last month that its executives do not have inappropriate ties with any government.

Written by Leah Alger