US Navy to invest in AI technology

A recent study from GlobalData revealed that using AI technology could be beneficial to the Department of Defense and the US Navy.

Indeed, it was reported that these technologies could present a long-term cost-cutting potential and provide a simple analysis based on large datasets. Although the navy might not benefit right away from fully autonomous ships powered by AI, developing these technologies could lead to better decision-making in the next few years.

Investing in AI, computer, and communication technologies to develop autonomous vessels is expected to be the future of the US Navy. The study showed that the US Navy had already converted two existing commercial fast supply vessels into unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) for its Ghost Fleet Overlord Surface program.

Besides, it was also stated that the US Department of Defense had recently awarded a $44m contract to Austal USA to execute the design, procurement, production implementation, and demonstration of autonomous capability in Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF) vessel.

Other countries are starting to invest in warship AI development projects such as the UK and China.