USA and Russia’s ‘dead’ cyber security strategy

According to The Atlantic, Donald Trump’s cyber security agreement with the Russian President “ended before it began”.

After Trump’s “unexpectedly long” meeting on Friday with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, they both agreed to work together to try and prevent cyber security issues.

Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, revealed after a closed-door session: “The two leaders agreed to explore creating a framework around which the two countries can work together to better understand how to deal with these cyber threats, both in terms of how these tools are used to in interfere with the internal affairs of countries, but also how these tools are used to threaten infrastructure, how these tools are used from a terrorism standpoint as well.”

‘Embarrassing the state and treasury was more important’

Following the session, Trump tweeted that the new system would be “impenetrable”.

When presenting on ABC’s television series, This Week, Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, defended both countries steps: “I think this is a very important step forward. What we want to make sure is that we coordinate with Russia, that we’re focused on cyber security together, that we make sure that they never interfere in any democratic elections.”

Although by Sunday their ideas were overshadowed by Trump declaring it “dead”, as he decided that embarrassing the state and treasury is more important.

Written by Leah Alger