Virtual healthcare services for kids available in Ontario

A new digital platform is offering families in Ontario online pediatric care from experts through virtual consultations.

Indeed, KixCare, Canada’s first digital pediatric healthcare platform, was launched in August and aims to provide patients with easy and quick health and wellness services. The users only have to log in to have access to healthcare providers. Pediatrician online visits are all covered under OHIP and other provincial programs while other services, including pediatric psychologies and dieticians, have to be paid through insurance or private pay.

The company hoped to continue to grow its team and improve its healthcare and digital experience. It believes that some medical concerns can be treated online, and it might help lower exposure to other sick children as well as lower capacity issues. Virtual care can be a productive option in some case scenarios, especially for parents who don’t want to bring their newborns into a busy environment during the pandemic or for people living in rural areas.

The company is looking to expand to Quebec and other provinces shortly to make its services available nationwide in the future.