Volvo’s trucks and cars implement road safety solution

Cars and trucks designed by Volvo are soon to communicate with one and other to help improve road safety.

Volvo’s trucks and cars will work together on the company’s Connected Safety solution by combining vehicle-to-vehicle technology, as well as share real-time data about road hazards and how to prevent accidents.

Smart cities have long wanted to implement vehicles that share data about dangerous road conditions and potential hazards.

The initiative could help connected cars from road accidents by warning other cars of potential hazards.

“Although this technology may be years away from production, it will undoubtedly influence our future offering and has the potential to develop smart societies for the future. No matter what type of solution we develop, safety is always our primary concern and this applies to all our self-driving projects,” said Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO at Volvo Group on Volvo’s blog post.

Volvo Trucks will be introducing Connected Safety on new trucks in Sweden and Norway, where both Volvo trucks and Volvo cars account for a significant proportion of annual new-vehicle registrations.

Written by Leah Alger