Wallaroo announces data processing engine

Wallaroo Labs today announced its open-source version of Wallaroo; a data processing engine for building and operating big data, fast data, and machine learning applications.

Wallaroo supports Python natively, leveraging existing business algorithms and avoiding costly and time-consuming migrations to Java.

Delivering “rapid time-to-market, very low operating cost, and live applications that can grow and shrink capacity on demand”, Wallaroo’s “serverless” features make the infrastructure “virtually disappear”.

Vid Jain, founder and CEO at Wallaroo Labs, said: “We are delighted to offer Wallaroo to the open-source community.

“The early response to the release has been overwhelmingly positive. We are looking forward to building a robust community of developers and data scientists.”

Sean Allen, vice president and author at Applied Storm, added: “Developers struggle because the tools available to quickly build prototypes on laptops don’t work well in production environments, and the production tools available weren’t designed for rapid application iterations.

“Wallaroo solves this problem by providing a single processing framework supporting developers from prototype to production anywhere, without changing a line of code.”

Written from press release by Leah Alger