Windows XP is not in danger of WannaCry

Windows XP isn’t susceptible to WannaCry ransomware, according to a new report from Kryptos Logic research.

XP computers attacked with the most popular WannaCry appeared to crash without successfully spreading or installing the malicious software, although it spreads quickly across unprotected systems with no interaction because of a Windows file sharing system called The Server Message Block (SMB).

Kryptos researchers found that XP computers with the malware in a lab setting wouldn’t install WannaCry or exhibited a “blue screen of death,” in need of a hard reset.

“The worst case scenario, and likely scenario, is that WannaCry caused many unexplained ‘blue-screen-of-death’ crashes,” said Kryptos researchers the report.

It’s still manageable to install WannaCry on XP machines manually, but the method of breaking through the programmes security isn’t successful against the older operating system.

Written from source by Leah Alger
Source: The Verge