Worldwide firms still suffer from Petya cyberattack

Companies worldwide are still suffering regarding last week’s Petya cyberattack that affected over 60 countries.

FedEx, WPP, Reckitt Benckiser and App Moller-Maersk admitted that its companies are still struggling because of the ransom that took over thousands of computers, industrial equipment and other technologies last week.

Western intelligence officials and cyber security analysts believe that a hostile government rather than criminals created the attack.

The worldwide shipping company, Maersk, said: “We have been forced to reroute ships to alternative destinations after IT systems were debilitated and was unable to dock and unload containers at some of its 76 ports.”

‘Companies tracking systems are still disrupted’

“Before we can say that we are totally up and running we really need more systems to be up, such as back-up systems for employees here,” added Maersk.

According to the Financial Times, packages have gone missing and some ports have remained “hobbled”, as some companies tracking systems are still disrupted.

Customers took to social media to complain about the global trade company, FedEx, over packages that didn’t arrive after the attack: “So beyond angry with @TNTUKCare, I have two very large shipments missing which have meant I’ve missed deadlines,” wrote one entrepreneur on Twitter.

Other firms are working to restore operations, with one terminal in Rotterdam completely unable to unload or dock ships.

Written by Leah Alger