Finalists announced for Young Digital Leader of the Year

Ten tech heads aged 16-24 will be competing for the Young Digital Leader of the Year 2017 award. The competition will take place at the Renaissance Hotel at St Pancras, 22 June 2017.

The finalists recognise 10 talented young adults in the digital sector, which includes an entrepreneur looking to place 2 million other young citizens into work by 2020, a 16 year-old student who is turning her app into a business goal and a deaf blind young woman running an accessibility platform.

Most participants are linking school with business, founding a charity or have a crucial advisory role in a mainstream sector, such as employment, diversity, accessibility, education or gaming.

‘Showcasing young talent’

“We are proud to see the incredible recognition of leading female role models in this year’s Young Digital Leader of the Year. My first thought on reading about what they are doing and what they have already done was to reflect on what I was doing aged 24, let alone 16,” said Robin Knowles, CEO of Digital Leaders.

“Each year we create a new category that we are considering adding into the DL100 the following year. This year we chose Young Digital Leader and while this category is about showcasing young talent already leading digitally, we will only ask our judges to chose a winner and not be calling for a public vote,” he added.

Finalists include: Alice Goldman, Fasttrack; Andrew Batchelor, Dundee Ambassador; Cameron Cook, Cortex Specialists; Cat and Mel Tranfield, BBC Youth Panel; Ellora James, Wick High School; Grace Blake, Park House School; Jack Parsons, Your feed UK; Jessica Okoro, BeScienceSTEM; Jo Boosey, Lloyds Banking Group Digital and Molly Watt, Molly

Written from press release by Leah Alger