MoD to launch a 10-year digital strategy to enable innovation

It was recently announced that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has launched a 10-year digital strategy that aims to enable the department to exploit data and innovation.

Indeed, the project has for goal to establish a digital foundry that will be a federated ecosystem of digital innovators and developers and will have a defense-specific artificial intelligence (AI) centre. The strategy then wants to enable digital transformation everywhere as well as give access to the data.

Hence, it will work on improving capabilities and services in cloud and data technology. In the long term, this project will deliver on-demand services and applications that are easily accessible and rapidly scalable. This will then allow users to access and process data quickly and securely as well as help users to run systems on the move.

Moreover, the strategy aims to improve seamless access to data and easier collaboration by accelerating delivery and having multi-domain integration. In order to do so, the MoD is investing an additional £1.6bn, so that by 2025, it will have created a secure and modern digital strategy that will improve data and cloud technology in military and business domains.The MoD aims to build data as a strategic asset by 2030.