Businesses to implement cloud automation to secure IT environments

It was recently reported that the security industry should find ways to automate its cloud environment for better protection.

Indeed, a study by Delinea showed that cloud automation is the key to future-proofing cybersecurity, alongside autonomous privileges and access. 86% of IT business decision-makers are already looking into ways to automate access controls. However, they are still facing growing cyber threats.

Hence, around 59% stated that the driving factor to future-proof their access security in 2022 is increasingly complex, multi-cloud IT environments. Future-proofing is even more essential when organizations become overly confident in their security measures. Too much confidence in the access controls can lead to more cyberattacks.

With cloud migration rising, there is more and more pressure to manage critical systems. Thus, many organizations will be relying on machine learning and autonomous security controls to secure their systems.